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South London Annual Inter Faith Walks

14/15July 2012

Multi-Faith Pilgrimage for Peace

26 May 2012


Walking for Peace in London

Westminster  Justice and Peace Fieldworker, Barbara Kentish, has set herself the task of walking the London Loop over the course of twelve months as her contribution to the 2012 Games peace legacy.  As she walks, Barbara is reflecting on experiences of peace and conflict in the UK’s capital city, inspired by the sites and sights that she comes across along the way.

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Walking is good for both body and soul. Walking is the most common form of outdoor activity but it can also be a deeply spiritual exercise, giving us time to reflect on the great beauty of the natural world and the experience of others who have walked the way before us. The Olympic boroughs offer a surprising number of  routes for walkers, many of which can be found on found the Walk London  website.

Interfaith Walks

Inter-faith Walks are becoming increasingly popular as a way for people from different faiths to get to know more about each other by visiting each other’s places of worship. Two main events are organised in London each year. Look out for others in your area - or organise your own!

Revd. John Merrill is an Interfaith Minister renowned for his walking pilgrimages and many books on spiritual walking. In 2011 he published a guide to Interfaith Walks in London offering 7 themed walks around the capital city.

Visit his websites:

Pilgrim Ways & Walk Guides

Revd John Merrill

Barbara kentish

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