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From Athens to Armenia, Sparta to Megara

They laid down their weapons of war

They summoned all the heroes, called them from the slaughter

Told them they’d be warriors no more.

They swore the sacred treaty, truce between the nations

And laid down their weapons of war

Some say it was seven days, others counted fifty

But for now they would be warriors no more.

From London to humanity we light the fire, we raise the flame

As champions are gathered on our shore

One hundred days of amnesty, peace shall be the legacy

Universal voices say No More

We say No More.

                                                               ... full text

By Matthew Plant and Jay Stannard

Song for 100 Days of Peace

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Would you like to be part of a relay passing on the message of peace before the London 2012 Games? Watch the CAFOD video relay so far and add your contribution!

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Great Generation - Olympic Activities : Great ready, get steady ... get young people involved in global justice through sport. Visit the CAFOD website for more ideas.

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Performed by the Choir of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Crewe

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