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Peace Messages

Peace Greetings from members of the World Congress of Faiths - read at the 100 Days of Peace Prayer Vigil on Saturday 9th June 2012

I greet with you with a word of peace from the Baha’i community:

O peoples of the world! The Sun of Truth has risen to illumine the whole earth, and to spiritualize the human community. Laudable are the results and the fruits thereof, abundant the holy evidences from this grace. This is mercy unalloyed and purest bounty; it is light for the world and all its peoples; it is harmony and fellowship, and love and solidarity; indeed it is compassion and unity, and the end of foreignness; it is the being at one, in complete dignity and freedom, with all on earth.

I greet you with a word of peace as a member of the Buddhist community:

We sincerely pray in this world there will be no jealousy, only admiration, no hatred, only harmony, no greed, only generosity, no harm, only achievement. We pray for living in ease everyday. We pray for living in peace for everyday.

I greet you with a word of peace as a member of the Hindu community:

Om Bhuur Bhuvah Svah, Tat-Savitur Varennyam, Bhargo Devasys Dhiimahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayaat - We meditate on the glory of the Creator, Who has created the Universe, Who is worthy of worship, Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light, Who is the remover of sins and ignorance, May he enlighten our Intellect, May he bring peace to all. Om shanti shanti shanti

I greet you with a word of peace as a member of the Muslim community:

Dear God! You are Peace: all Peace comes from You and returns to You; we ask You to make London a City of Peace; greet us, our Lord, with Peace; enter us forever into Paradise, the Abode of Peace.

I greet you with a word of peace as a member of the Sikh community:

Awake in peace. Stay in peace. There is no fear with such understanding. One God is our master, on saviour who knows the hearts and minds of all! Sleep carefree, awake carefree because here and beyond, you abide, O Lord! Peace prevails at home, peace abounds outside, Nanak says, because the Guru taught the practice.

Peace Vigil

at St Martin-in-the Fields

9th June 2012