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Diocese of Westminster

8-15 June 2012             St Patrick’s, Wapping

15-22 June 2012            St John Vianney, West Green Road

22-29 June 2012            Our Lady’s, St John’s Wood

29 June - 6 July 2012    St Joseph and English Martyrs, Bishop’s Stortford

6-13 July 2012               Catholic Churches of Welwyn Garden City

The Peace Icon is a sacred painting made at the Monastery of St John in the Desert, near Jerusalem, and given to the Pax Christi movement in 1999. Its panels represent scenes of reconciliation and figures associated with peace. Each aspect leads to meditation on the deep movements of the heart necessary for peace and reconciliation.

The Peace Icon will be travelling to churches in Westminster, Brentwood and Southwark to offer a focus for prayer and reflection during the 100 Days of Peace.

Christ is our Reconciliation

Explanation of the peace icon images to download

Diocese of Brentwood

13-20 July 2012             Brentwood Cathedral

20-27 July 2012            St Anne’s, Custom House

27 July - 10 Aug 2012    St Francis of Assisi, Stratford

10 - 17  Aug 2012          St Anthony’s, Forest Gate

Diocese of Southwark

17 Aug - 14 Sept 2012      Aylesford Priory, Kent

14-21 Sept 2012               Oratory of St Francis de Sales, Hartley

21 -28 Sept 2012              St Peter the Apostle, Woolwich

28 Sept - 5 Oct 2012        St Edmund of Canterbury, Beckenham

5-12 October 2012           St John the Baptist, Purley

12-19 October 2012         Our Lady Immaculate, Tolworth

19-28 October 2012         St George’s Cathedral Southwark

28 October 2012             3.00pm Handover to Brazilian Community at

                                        St Georges’ Cathedral, Southwark

A Focus for Prayer

The Peace Icon will be handed over in relay to parishes in Westminster, Brentwood and Southwark during the 100 Days of Peace and the Games 8th June - 28th October 2012.

About the Peace Icon