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A Collection of Reflections from Redemptorist Publications

Sometimes when we think about peace, we think about world peace, between nations at war, usually in countries that seem to us to be a long way away. And we probably think that there is very little we can do about it.

The truth is that peace has to begin individually in our souls. Will you help make a legacy of peace a reality after the Olympic flame has moved on? Through prayer and reflection we can all get involved.

Your Journey to Peace - 100 Days of Reflection and Prayer is a chance to stop for 2 minutes every day to think about peace in our schools, communities, our world and our hearts.  This collection of reflections and prayers encourages us to believe that the potential for change is in our hands.

To order visit the Redemptorist Publications website.

A 100 Days of Peace Activity Sheet  is also available - an A3, double-sided sheet, designed to help children in schools, parishes or in the home engage in the 100 days of peace initiative.

Journey to Peace