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27 JULY -

12 AUGUST 2012





100 Days of Peace is a joint project of the Catholic Dioceses of Brentwood, Southwark and Westminster, involving the Education Departments and Justice & Peace Commissions.

In partnership with Pax Christi, Jimmy Mizen Foundation, CAFOD, London Citizens, More Than Gold &

Catholic Bishops of England and Wales 2012 Office.

The Olympics and Paralympics cannot take place unless the world is peaceful enough to allow athletes and spectators to attend the Games in safety.

Churches and the Games

As Christians, we believe this environment of peace and security should be the norm for all people at all times. Please help us to create a legacy of peace locally, nationally and internationally that will last ...


More Than Gold is the official site providing help and information to churches wanting to make the most of the 2012 Games.

More Than Gold


8th June - 28th October 2012

A Lasting Legacy of Peace

The 100 Days of Peace project has come to an end “but it is not the end of the journey - there is, in fact, no end destination called ‘Peace’, a place where we can say, ‘We’re here, we’ve done it!’ It seems to us that the journey itself is the peace, and whenever we make the decision to be more peaceful ourselves, then we have achieved it.” Barry and Margaret Mizen, Day 100, Your Journey to Peace

The Olympic and Paralympic Games may be over but we recapture something of their spirit every time we take an action towards peace, however small, between now  and the next Games in Rio, 2016.

We will continue to petition governments to assess how well they fulfilled the commitments of the UN Resolution - signed by all 193 member states - to observe a cessation of conflict, the Olympic Truce, during the Games between 27 July - 9 Sept 2012. Can we do better in four years’ time?

The torch now passes to the Brazilian community. Brazil, too, seeks peace and we offer them our heartfelt support.

Colette Joyce, Project Worker, 100 Days of Peace

The Legacy of War

National Stadium, Mogadishu, Somalia

A Legacy for Peace?

The Olympic Stadium, London, UK