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100 Days of Peace Assembly

Download our PowerPoint presentation with slides and notes suitable for Assemblies or Class Reflections with all ages.

Art is a powerful way of promoting ideas about peace and changing the way we think about conflict.

City Arts is an international group who encourage children to create peace tiles which can be added to an online collection or become part of their travelling exhibition.

Perhaps your school might want to create a Peace Wall?

We encourage schools to contribute to 100 days of peace-making either side of the Olympics and Paralympics 8th June - 28th October 2012 using sport, art and other events to promote the ideals of a peaceful Games and lasting legacy of peace.

Learn the Song:

One Hundred Days!

From London to humanity we light the fire, we raise the flame

As champions are gathered on our shore

Written by Matthew Plant and Jay Stannard

Lord Michael Bates has been walking from Olympia, Greece, to London, UK, to highlight the Olympic Truce. This 4 minute You Tube video describes his journey.

Be a Part of It!

Ideas for Schools